Friday, November 19, 2010

New Camera Stuff!

A couple of months ago I made the switch from my Canon Elph to a Nikon d3000 SLR. I have been very happy with it and it is so fun to take photos!

So with my birthday a few weeks ago, I decided to add a couple of things to my camera bag. I ordered the Nikor 50mm 1.8 lens and also a copy of Photoshop Elements. So far, I am very pleased with both. There is a huge learning curve, but I think with a little time I will be more comfortable using them.

The new lens is pretty great. It is nice and small and works well in low light. I was also a huge fan of the price tag...right around $100! The only thing I overlooked was that it is a manual focus lens due to the type of camera I have, but the auto focus lens was about twice as much. So far I've been having fun playing with the focus although it works best on stationary objects-which my favorite subject is not!

Scampy. He has been on probation on our house for being naughty. We're giving him a few weeks to prove to us his good behavior before we try and find him a new home. We moved his food to the basement storage room because Michael kept getting into it and putting his dry food in his water. So far, so good. He has also been banned from the couch so he only sits on the backs of our living room chairs....I think the likes the high perch so he can look down on his minions.

Align Center
This was shot at night with just my house lights on- I like the bokeh off the dishes stacked in the background.

Busy boy! He's had a rough week this week with a kid biting him on the face at daycare and then having to go to a new daycare for the day while our usual gal was out sick. We're looking forward to the weekend!

Also my birthday presents (from myself) included these boots from Target:

They were buy one, get one 50% off so I ordered the black also! A couple of months ago they had them in stores so I tried them on and have just been waiting to splurge on them. To go along with them I also ordered a pair of skinny jeans from old navy! We'll see, I am not usually so daring or fashionable with my clothing choices. I'll let you know how they work out. :o)

Have a great Friday!

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