Saturday, October 24, 2009

M is for Male Model

One of Scott's customers came over last week to take some photos of M. She is starting her own photography business and wanted to photograph a newborn. She got some great shots for it being a semi-stressful photo shoot. M was awake for the almost 3 1/2 hour shoot! Can you believe it? I feel bad because I know she really wanted some sleepy baby photos, but some things are out of my control.

I'm so, so glad we got these photos taken-he is already growing and changing and it hasn't even been 3 weeks! I feel like the newborn window is so small and should be captured asap!

At any rate, I think M has the potential to be a future male model...he is just too cute, if I do say so in my perfectly unbiased opinion!

Here is the link for a few more teasers to check out!


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