Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sleeping baby

There is nothing better than a sleeping can never get tired of watching them dream and make little noises in their sleep!

Everyone always says "Sleep when the baby sleeps" and it is so hard because they are SO precious when they are sleep!

Here is Michael in his newborn napper part of his pack and play-he really likes it and looks so cute snuggled in there!

(Michael is 6 days old in this picture)

We've been swaddling Michael up when he sleeps at night or when he needs calmed down. I got some great stretchy knit blankets from target, but now they are almost too small to use on him!

He looks so cute all wrapped up like a little peanut!

(Michael is 6 days old in this picture)

My mom brought over some great blankets she got online that I have been using now that he is getting a little bigger. She got them from They are great!

And if you forget how to do a swaddle...the instructions are printed right on the tag of the blanket! Great idea! to a nap! Sleep when the baby sleeps, remember?
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  1. Glad to see he likes his pack n play. We are going to be using one also..for a bassinet. I love it when they are swaddled like a little burrito! So cute!


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