Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flower Power!

It is so nice and sunny outside today I can't keep my thoughts from drifting to summertime!

I think I might get a start on some yardwork this weekend if it is nice. I also noticed lots of places having their plants out so I've been browsing for some ideas. Here are some I like so far:

A. Purple fountaingrass (Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum') -- 2
B. Coleus (Solenostemon 'Sun Velvet Red') -- 3
C. Plectranthus 'Variegatus' -- 2
D. Impatiens 'Dazzler Pink' -- 2
E. Licorice plant (Helichrysum petiolare) -- 2

I also like the way this looks in a normal looking pot. So many times I feel like photos of container gardens are some weird fancy container that I don't like!
For example:

However, if you do have those sort of things around your house by all means go for it!

This is an awesome pot in shades of green:


Two of my favorite plants, sweet potato vine and creeping jenny with a little licorice plant added in.

Don't believe me that I am a green freak? Check out these babies:

1 comment:

  1. My mother loves sweet potato vine too. They are growing on me- I mean- I love green, so why not?

    (Also- can you eat your licorice plants? Or is it a misnomer?)


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