Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Showers....

...more like April SNOW showers!!

We woke up to the sound of ice hitting our windows and when we open up the shades this is what we were greeted with:

After a few hours, the ground was totally covered with snow! And it's still going strong!

Just a few weeks ago I celebrated the beginning of spring with these friendly daffodils I got at HyVee! What happened??

In other news...
Yesterday I spent some time shopping for a coworker who is having a baby shower on the 13th. I got a whole basket of fun things for her! (and also survived my first trip to Babies R Us-wow!)

I got a swaddling blanket/sleep sack, a crib sheet (that was on her registry) and two very soft receiving blankets in her nursery colors. It all goes in a little green basket! So springy! :o)

I couldn't resist this little picture of a baby on the package! He is all wrapped up and snuggly like a burrito from Pancheros! :o)

Hopefully next time I post it will actually look like spring oustide with tulips blooming and green grass growing!

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  1. We have been getting rain and snow too! Gotta love spring!


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