Thursday, July 13, 2017

4th of July Weekend/Muscatine Visit

Over the 4th of July weekend, we took a trip to Muscatine to visit Scott's family and had a nice time. 

On Saturday morning, Scott and Michael went on a bike ride and canoe ride with Scott's brother and nephew. It sounded like they had a great time!

In the afternoon the whole family met for a picnic lunch and some exploring at Wildcat Den State Park. I had never been before and it was beautiful. 


They even had the mill open inside for everyone to explore. Amazing to think about what it was like 100+ years ago. 




So picturesque. 


They had a fun area for wading in the water but we were not dressed properly- we'll have to put it on the list for next time. 


After exploring by the mill, we took a little hike into the "Devil's Punchbowl" which was amazing. 


I think the girls thought they were big stuff for being able to hike along with us. Anna was so cute as our pokey puppy, always stopping to examine every rock and tree branch in her path. Michael had lots of fun exploring with Uncle Steve. 


Oh the way back to Scott's parents we had THREE sleepy heads in the back seat. ha! 


I wanted to get a quick photo of the girls and I looking patriotic before church on Sunday so I asked Michael to take one. The above is the first result..ha! The girls looked really cute in their dresses and bows. They did pretty good in the nursery and it was probably good they were the only ones in there. They got brought out for the children's sermon and they looked so cute but I knew their naughty time bomb was ticking and I could see the twinkle in their eyes. Luckily they were just cute as buttons and practically everyone in the congregation told us afterwards how darling they were. I am glad they bring joy to people's lives, even if they are a handful sometimes. 


After church, we all went to Kalona for lunch at the brewery there. It was about 45 minutes outside of Muscatine but on our way home it was a good choice. It was awesome and I enjoyed having a large beer and then napping on the way home. :o) 


On Monday the 3rd, Scott and I both had to work but luckily my last two lesson cancelled so we could scoot downtown for a concert on the river front. It was Reel Big Fish and it was awesome. We even liked the opening band! Right as Reel Big Fish took the stage the fireworks from Yankee Doodle Pops (also downtown) started going off and popped throughout their first few songs. During the finale the lead singer stopped just to watch the fireworks and then the trumpet player started playing the Star Spangled Banner. Everyone started singing along and for some reason it was really a funny moment for me. Music, fireworks, singing, America. It was a beautiful night and a great show. 


On Tuesday the 4th I got up early to get groceries (yes, I am *that* exciting) and then we set up the pool for the kids and had an early grilled dinner of burgers, corn and watermelon. 


I had to run up to Boone at the end of the afternoon for our 4th of July concert. It was a beautiful night and a great concert that was a lot of fun to play. I love the veteran salute and seeing how much everyone enjoys the patriotic music. It really is community at it's best and I'm thankful to be part of one who puts music at the heart of it. 

It was a great weekend! Hope you had a great one, too!

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