Sunday, July 23, 2017

1st half of July

Here is a little bit of July so far. Summer is flying by but we are really into our groove now and are having a great time. I love summer! 

Michael went to VBS one night with a friend of his- so thoughtful of them to invite him! 

Our water table has been getting plenty of action as it is so fun to play out back for a bit after dinner when it is nice and shady. It never feels too hot down there, such a blessing. 


We ventured over to the Science Center one morning before our pass ran out and the kids did pretty well. We were stroller free and the girls had fun being able to walk on their own volition. However, it was hard to keep track of all three of them at once. Another big mistake was seeing an IMAX movie as girls were not interested at all. They did have fun with the animals and pushing the paper airplane button. We got lucky and were here when they noon news was on so Michael got to be on the weather. It was really cute! 



I lost a diamond in my ring at the end of May and so my set was in the shop for about a month getting repaired and cleaned. It is so nice having it back and all shiny! 


We've been taking the boat out about once a week and it has been so much fun. It is nice just running out there quick after work and usually the water is so nice. Instant vacation! 


I took the kids to Union park for an adventure and all three had a good time. It was a little cooler day so Michael was too cool in the water but the girls had a blast. It is maybe one of those activities that is too babyish for a 7 year old but just perfect for 2 year olds. 


We ate our lunch in the sun to dry off so we didn't have wet bottoms on the horses and the lady working actually told us thank you and she noticed us drying off before we rode. I thought that was such a nice compliment! The girls loved the carousel and we rode twice. 


We also made a trip downtown to the farmer's market. It just so happened that the girls were up super early on a Saturday so I said, "let's go!". It was nice to be there while it was still cool and less crowded. 


It is such a fun street fair atmosphere but we only lasted about 90 minutes before everyone started getting cranky (mostly Scott). 



Out for ice cream! 


Michael has been so funny this summer as he will sometimes just fall asleep while playing in his room. Sometimes I don't even think he realizes he fell asleep! It is a good reminder to me that he is still a little boy who is playing hard in the summertime. 

 I had a super busy stretch of performing from the end of June until mid-July where I had some extra rehearsals for the Iowa Chamber Artists and also the Boone Big Band. The Chamber Artists was a highlight of the summer for me as it was a challenge for me to play with such an accomplished group of musicians. It definitely made me better as a player and I was happy to contribute to the group. Some great music was made and just listening to the pieces I didn't play on at the concert was fabulous. A highlight of the summer for sure. 

The Boone Big Band played the Wednesday before the 4th for a really long concert that was exhausting. Whew! After that we had extra rehearsals and a 4th of July concert and then a festival for muni band so it was like a stretch of 14 days with 11 band things. It was busy but I'm glad I have a personal outlet for things that still make me Rose and not Mom or Mrs. Kundel. And thankful of course for my supportive family for functioning in my nights away. 


Michael and I took a very fun field trip to PetSmart and got harry some new gear for his cage. Fun seeing all the stuff! 


A big item on our summer bucket list was one I wasn't sure we'd be able to pull off: camping in the backyard. But sure enough, Scott upped his game and got everything ready for a really special night. It was a perfect evening and really gorgeous outside. We put the girls to bed early and then made a fire, roasted marshmallows, caught fireflies, and told ghost stories. Hopefully it will be as good of a memory for Michael as it was for me. Really special! 

That is what we have been up to the 1st half of July- hopefully I'll be back before the month is over. Time is moving too quickly and before we know it we'll be back in the school mode crunch. I'm definitely enjoying my vacation from it all! 

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