Thursday, June 29, 2017

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa's House

Last weekend I traveled to Moville with the kids for a visit to my parents house! We had a lot of fun and I'm glad I took my little point and shoot camera along to capture some moments. 


Of course we had to recreate the babies in rocking chairs photo from two (yes, two!) years ago! 


We had lots of fun going on adventures around the farm and checking out all the animals. 



The girls had fun playing in grandma's "tiny house" aka her mini winnebago camper. They thought it was so fun, pretending to drive and playing in the seats. We were fortunate that it was a bit cooler on the weather front so it was nice to be outside and get lots of playtime in without being too hot. 



We also visited the other farm so we could see grandpa's pigs. We got to see lots of different sizes and the girls and Michael had fun watching the baby pigs skip around and look at the them. 




A bonus to visiting Moville was also catching up with my brother and his wife. A favorite was their puppy, Boomer who Anna especially loved. She says he is "her boomer" and that she loves him. 


Lots of baby calves! 




Michael loved the trampoline! 




Aunt Nikki and Uncle Sam brought the miniature horses out for the girls and Michael to ride. They were so cute! 



I did have to pay Micheal $1 to get on Miss peaches but he was still brave! 

Brynn loved this little kitty and the poor kitty was such a good sport for being toted around so much. 

All in all, it was a great trip back home. We had a really smooth drive back home with everyone watching a movie and napping. No one threw up in the car (yay!) as I was proactive with the dramamine and it was a quick trip. The kids had a lot of fun playing at "Gramie's house" and discovering all the treasures she had for them. We also visited the Launch pad children's museum in Sioux City which was a highlight for sure (so fun) but I didn't have any photos of it on my point and shoot camera. Hopefully some footage will make it into my end of the summer video. Michael stayed with my parents for a few days after the girls and I went home and he had a great time as well swimming at the pool and spending a night at CocoKey in Omaha. It was a great trip! 

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