Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Before I dive into all things Christmas and December, I thought I'd back up a bit and share about our Thanksgiving. If anything this blog has proven the most useful for, it has been looking up what we did for past holidays as I can never remember. Sure enough, the ol' blog jogs my memory and so I figure I better keep adding to it! 

Michael and I both had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off of school so we took the chance to see an matinee of the new Disney movie, Moana. We loved it! 

We also took a photo by this fun photo booth poster prop thing!

We traveled to Scott's parents on Wednesday night and had a fairly uneventful trip that even included a family dinner out to Noodles & Co. Of course, that all ended when Anna barfed everywhere just five minutes from our destination. :o( We were remembering that Michael was almost exactly the girls age when he had his first bout of car sickness...well now we know and can just load all the kids up with dramamine before we travel! 

We had a really nice time at Thanksgiving. It was just my family for kids and then Scott's aunts and uncles and a cousin and his fiance joined us. It was pretty low key and I enjoyed having a day just to spend with my kids. It did seem like a fairly long day but we entertained ourselves well, especially by enjoying the nice weather outside. 

Sleepy girls on the way home! (luckily no barfing incidents!)

Michael's box of treasures he squirreled away at Grandma's house-if only I could see inside his little head just for a moment. If it is little and somewhat of a treasure, it is his! 

On Friday night we had friends come in from out of town and we headed up to Ames for the final football game of the season. My mom and dad were here to watch the kids and it was a really fun day. It was a small group but probably the most fun I'd had tailgating in a long time. It was a really nice day and nice to get out of the house during the break. 

We normally tailgate at our friend's house but they were not able to host us this weekend but told us we could still park and eat there if we wanted. We felt like total creepers but it was actually pretty nice. We had cold sandwiches, chips and cookies for lunch and drank some beers and watched some football. We are thankful for their hospitality all season! 

It was a nice holiday long weekend and a welcome break from school. It is full speed ahead until my concert next week and then hopefully we can all stay healthy until Christmas! I have a feeling December is going to go by quickly! 

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