Saturday, December 31, 2016

Adventureland Inn

My parents arranged for us to spend a night at the Adventureland Inn between Christmas and New Years as a Christmas present to us and it was so much fun! 


My sister and brother's family joined us also for swimming and then hanging out afterwards. The pool area is so fun and we had a room that led right to the courtyard which made it really nice. All the pool side rooms are suites which give you two rooms with a living area, fridge/microwave, and a balcony. We just brought in our own easy food for dinner and it worked out well. 


I took a few photos with my water camera but I didn't realize it would get dark so quickly in the mostly solar lighted courtyard so I just have a few. 







We have stayed at the hotel a few times before, but always in conjunction with our Adventureland trips. This was fun because we could just focus on swimming and enjoying the hotel. They also have a really fun arcade with cool games and actual prizes you can buy with your tickets, which was a highlight for Michael. I had fun venturing over to the older courtyard where the original pool is. We had stayed at Adventureland Inn when I was a child, in a pool side room, and I remember it being the cushiest, most fun vacation ever (even getting a magic coloring book at the gift shop!). It was so funny how being over there brought back those memories- it seems so much the same! 

Scott, Michael, Denise and I also went to Jolly Holiday Lights which is at Adventureland at night. We had to wait quite a bit to get through it but in the future, if you redeem your voucher ahead of time, they will probably let you cut right from the hotel to the lights (which are like two feet away from the hotel parking lot). We saw someone else do it! It was neat seeing all the new displays in their new location. 

Mom brought a coffee cake for breakfast in the morning while Michael and I swam a bit more. We headed home around noon which was just enough time for us to get ready for the next wave of family which arrived for the New Year's weekend. I was smart and ordered my groceries online so I could swing by HyVee and get them on the way home! It did eliminate quite a bit of stress and I was proud of myself! 

It was a really fun overnight and provided lots of good memories for our family. Thank you, Mom and Dad! 

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