Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Week 3

Now that it is the last day of June, I thought I'd better get my summer week 3 up before the month is over! We've been sticking to our routine of Monday: trip day, Tuesday: trail day, Wednesday: friends day, Thursday: mom day and Friday: library day. 

Monday we hit up Union Park and had fun in the splash pad and with the big rocket slide. The carousel was down (closed on Mondays) so we'll have to make another trip over there this summer! 

On Tuesday, we explored the Raccoon River Valley trail. We started in Dallas Center and rode about three miles out and three miles back which took us about an hour. It is a beautiful trail and a nice reminder how lovely the landscape is over by Dallas Center. 

On Wednesday we had a friend and classmate from our neighborhood over and it was a nice change of pace! I also had my municipal band concert where we celebrated 100 years. 

Thursday is mom day! I ran some errands (target and fareway) and also took a little hike at Jester Park since it was a beautiful day. Our babysitter has been a lifesaver this summer...just getting out of the house for a little bit has been huge for me. 

Thursday night we packed up a picnic supper and met friends at Dean park in Ankeny. It was a beautiful night and was a fun park to let kids run. 

Friday was our Adventureland day! 

On Saturday my mom stuck around an extra day and Scott and I snuck out for a date night/late father's day celebration. We went to Cool Basil for dinner (our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!) and a concert at the river front. We saw Collective Soul and it was full on nineties music in its finest. We are so thankful my mom is so helpful and it was a nice evening out. I had fun doing my hair and makeup and not wearing exercise clothing. Wow! 

That's our week three and the end of June!! 

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  1. I love how deliberate you are about summer and about enjoying them! We fly by the seat of our pants and summers just feel crazy to me! Looks like you are having fun with the kiddos and taking time for you-- glad you get to do that! -LH


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