Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Adventureland 2016

Last Friday, my parents took my family to Adventureland for a day of fun! We had a great time! 

We headed over in the morning and checked into the hotel right away. Tip, if you are staying at the hotel you can park in their parking lot and avoid the $10 regular lot fee. You can also take the trolley from the lobby! We got into the park around 11:30 and did a few rides with the girls that they were not too happy about. It is hard to remember that they are just still a year old and so I think maybe next summer they will be feeling braver. 

Michael, Denise and I stood in line for the raging river which had a huge line. We ended up waiting for an slow! Luckily we passed the time pretty quickly playing copy cat and "guess that Disney movie". We all go totally soaked which was good because we headed straight to the waterpark next.  


My mom rented a cabana which was so nice! It was great to have a landing place for all our stuff and it even had a locked cabinet if you needed to leave your things while swimming. The shade was really nice and it kept the girls corralled which is probably the biggest bonus. 




The girls LOVED the sprayground and also the kiddie pool...but the kiddie pool is quite the hike from the sprayground. My feet were definitely hurting from walking around on the pavement all day, not sure what a solution would be but something to think about for next time. Aqua socks? Do they make orthopedic inserts for those? 




Michael LOVED the wave pool which really surprised me as it really is for bigger kids. It was fun to watch him having a good time. I am also thankful that they had racks and racks of life jackets for kids to use- something we didn't think about bringing! 


My brother and his family also joined us and it was so nice to see both their babies. They are growing so fast! Adventureland is right in their backyard so I am fantasizing about the day where the girls can all run around together and my sister in law and I can sit back and enjoy our margaritas. Goals, right? 


My mom booked us a suite at the Adventureland hotel which was so nice. It was a beautiful room and we had fun swimming again the next day. The little kids pool is so perfect for younger kids! 


I think it is safe to say we had a great time! It wasn't the easiest trip with wrangling all my cranky children but everyone stayed flexible and it worked out really nicely. Mom did buy Scott a park pass that he didn't use so I am hoping either he or I can sneak Michael out again for another day of fun before the summer is over! 

p.s., I totally bought an underwater camera for our upcoming Mexico trip and it is SO FUN!!!! I think it is my new favorite thing! 

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