Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ordinary Days

We have had so many days this summer that are exactly like this one: just hanging out at home and enjoying playing together. I just wish I could bottle the girls up and keep them just like they are now forever. They are so fun to watch play together it is truly a wonder how I get anything done all day (hint: I don't!). 

The girls love to play in our sun room. While I am sad that it now looks like kid zone 101, I am happy that we have the space in our home for them to have plenty of room to spread out and not feel like toys are everywhere. I know this is short lived and soon enough I will be back to a house that is free of primary colored toys so I am enjoying it while it lasts! 

Speaking of primary colored toys...we finally found a safe place for Michael to work on his legos that is out of the way for the family: our formal dining room! We blocked both doorways and so he can spread out and not worry about little fingers getting a hold of tiny pieces. He will play in here for long periods of time, creating new things with his imagination. I think he likes being close to us upstairs but still having his own space. My cleaning lady assured me that most of her clients with boys Michael's age have a lego table in their home! 

I was having so much fun snapping away at these next photos that I didn't hardly notice the back and forth that was happening with the little toy- see if you can follow it! Anna has the straight up pony tail and Brynn has the little bubble bun. 

Brynn has just one little tooth on the bottom and you can see it in this photo. It is hard to catch unless she is smiling a certain way so I was happy to have gotten it! I call it her hillbilly's pretty cute! No teeth yet for Anna. 

Extreme Anna gummy smile close up!

Some of my favorite photos of Michael are just the ones I have of us playing at home together...glad I also have special memories of the girls doing the same thing. And lord knows how fast that time has gone! Soon we will be in our new school schedule for fall so we are savoring our last days at home together!


  1. these are beautiful, Rose! i love the day-to-day photos the best, and i bet your kids are most comfy at home : ) i am laughing at the variation of the girls' pony tails - so cute. enjoy these last moments of your summer break!

  2. I love the hairstyles! Piper has basically the exact same hair happening. So cute. Is that a photo of Trace behind Michael at the lego table?


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