Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hospital Photo Shoot

The hospital we delivered at uses Bella Baby Photography for newborn hospital portraits. I had seen photos from friends who had this done and I knew it could be hit or miss. We also had our newborn session booked with our favorites, his and hers photography, but we wanted to do this anyway. I actually had not had my camera out very much at the hospital just because it was so busy the whole time and I was not feeling good. We actually had to send the photographer away to come back another day because the first time she came I swear there were ten people in my room- visitors, the lactation consultant, I was trying to nurse babies, I hadn't even showered yet...gahh!! 

Anyway, I was happy I had them done and they are good memories of their second day in the hospital. Our photographer did a great job, getting some good shots in just a few minutes and bringing the edited proofs back about an hour later. We bought the digital download/rights package and have been having fun sharing them online!

Brynn & Anna



I look terrible, but a good representation of that weary but joyful, swollen, overwhelmed, new mother hospital look! :o) 

We couldn't be happier with our two bundles of joy! 


  1. I thought Bella was a bit hit or miss too, but there is one print my mom bought (go figure) that is really precious ... Love the headbands and swaddle blankets - did you bring those to the hospital?

  2. i was wondering how the hospital photography was, and i'm impressed with these! i especially love the ones of you holding them and they are side-by-side. thank you for sharing their birth story, too -- i was looking forward to hearing more. take care, rose -- i hope you are recovering well from surgery.

  3. These are gorgeous! I am guilty of my vanity affecting how many photos I share from the "early days" of having a newborn- I was swollen beyond belief from the IV fluids and felt really *blah*. You though? You look gorgeous. And your smile couldn't be bigger! <3


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