Monday, May 5, 2014

InstaMonday & May

Happy May, friends! 

Wow, it feels good to say that! I am happy we are well into the month of May with my final concert of the year and the end of school right around the corner. Hurray! I've made it! :o) 

Mom and I planted these tulips after we lost Trace in 2011. This is the third spring they have popped up and they just bring a smile to my face. I should plant some more but the problem I have is that I always forget where I plant bulbs and end up digging them up accidentally. :o( I need to think of a good spot where they can grow in between other things and not get disturbed by me!

We had a fantastic weekend with beautiful weather. We went to a birthday party at a fun park for a friends and did some fishing at home. It is nice to be outside and remember what sunshine actually feels like! 

I am still snacking away on our easter eggs- anyone else? I think this one looks like a dragon egg a la Game of Thrones (I watch too much HBO)!

Michael always makes me smile as he is such a funny, sweet and smart four year old boy. We've taken a few trips to the toy aisles of Target for birthday presents and he loves looking at all the fun things. He will say all the ones that he doesn't have and the ones that he wants for his birthday...oy! What kid doesn't love daydreaming about all the fun toys out there? 

Stitch has been our little buddy since coming home with us from Disney World. It is such a funny thing but I am glad Michael picked out something he really likes and is special to him. Hopefully it will always be full of good memories!

We stumbled across this fun juggling/magic show at the library over Easter weekend and Michael thought it was so neat. He was part of the show and had the biggest smile on his face- I love it! I would have never been as brave as him at four so I am glad he inherited some traits that are not mine! 

And finally, I think these are the last of my Easter photos! I am a few weeks behind if you can't tell! Time just seems to keep on chugging along and we are doing our best to stay caught up. These posts may seem silly but they are really the little moments that make up the big parts of life. I'm glad I can share with them you and also preserve them for myself and my family!

Have a great week!

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  1. I always enjoy your posts Rose. You're right, it is the little things in life. Please know I am thinking of you as mother's day approaches. I'm sure it is difficult without Trace, and my heart always goes out to those who have lost their mother or lost a child. Prayers and hugs. -LH


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