Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios

On our day at Hollywood Studios, Michael got to participate in a show called the Jedi Training Academy. It is where kids can sign up to becoming padawans and defeat Darth Vader by using the force. 

We headed over right as the park opened for extra magic hours and still met a pretty big line. However, we made it into the 2nd show of the day and each show has 30 kids in it. Michael was asked a few questions like how old he was, could he stand on stage by himself and could he follow directions. We had watched some videos of the show on youtube before our trip so I knew it was something Michael was excited about (even though I think he was maybe a little bit nervous!). We got through the line and got our return slip and were instructed to return 30 minutes before show time. 

(haha, Cantina band trying out for American Idol)

We returned to the same place as sign ups for our return time and they made sure all the kids were there. If you are not there on time they will give your spot away! The kids got their robes and the cast members asked them some trivia questions about star wars. Only one parent was allowed to stay with them at this time. 

Then they got the kids lined up and paraded over to the stage where the show was ready to start! 

The show is really fun to watch with a neat soundtrack. Two cloaked Jedi's take the stage and they take off their robes to reveal that they are Jedi masters and will be teaching the young padawans about the force. 

They lead the group through a series of moves which they will use to fight Darth Vader. There was a group on the stage and a group down below. The most important lesson was how to activate and deactivate the light saber (a little tricky). Michael did great!


Oh no! Then the music starts and a disturbance in the force is is Darth Vader! 


...and Darth Maul! I missed his entrance but Scott got it on video and he arrives doing some sweet ninja moves with his double sided lighsaber. This guy was legit- very creepy! 

(I actually had a really bad spot to stand in so most of the photos were taken by the photo pass guys-an awesome service!)

Michael volunteered to go first and had no trouble activating his light saber and then defeating Darth Maul! 

After the show the kids got a certificate and returned their padawan robes and lightsabers to the cast members. But fear not- you could purchase some just like it in Tatooine Traders! (which we did!). 

As part of the photo pass package (I bought mine ahead of time to save $50- totally worth it especially if you do the Jedi Training) you can add cool Star Wars borders to your photos. The photographers give you a card after the show so make sure you flag them down. 

Jedi Training was a very cool experience and I'm glad Michael got to do it even though he might have been a little young for it. I just wasn't sure if we'd be back before he was 12 and then he would be too old! Michael was a very brave little padawan and we were so proud of him! 

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  1. I'm impressed, Michael did so well! Was the starbucks part of your jedi training?!


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