Thursday, April 10, 2014

Art of Animation

When we were browsing resorts to stay at for our trip I knew 100% that I wanted to stay at Art of Animation. It is the newest resort on property and from all the photos I had seen it just looked like so much fun. We priced out other rooms to compare but they just didn't compare to how fun AoA seemed...I figured why not do it now while Michael will still enjoy it? Unfortunately the regular Little Mermaid rooms were not available for my sister's discount so we booked a family suite instead which ended up being really awesome. It is a ton of space and was maybe too much for such a short trip but we still enjoyed it. The suite could sleep 6 people and came with coffee maker, mini fridge and microwave-perfect for our sack lunches and breakfasts in the room. 


My sister helping us check in with her cast ID! 

We stayed in the Radiator Springs area in the Wheel Well Motel. Other buildings in the area were Luigi's Casa della Tires and Tow Mater's Garage. Other areas in the resort were themed to Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid and the Lion King. I unfortunately didn't make it over to explore all the areas but did snap some photos of the Cars and Nemo sections on an early morning walk to the main building to use the ATM. 

Our area also featured a quiet pool which was themed like the Cozy Cone from Cars. The cones were little cabanas that you could use. The music played at this pool was all songs that were about cars- some that stuck out to me were Route 66, Mustang Sally, Convoy...a neat detail! This was a fun pool! 

The big blue pool- also very fun and you could hear music under the water! We explored over here on our break from Hollywood Studios. 

One of Michael's favorite parts was this little Murphy bed that converted from a table into a bed. On the inside it had a sleeping Tow Mater so he would say goodnight to him every night before sleeping. It made for a very cozy spot for a special little boy! 

The suite was decorated in a fun, cheesy way and it was lots of space to spread out. It also had two bathrooms, one with a shower and one with a tub which was nice for getting ready in the morning.  

The Art of Animation resort was so fun I wish we had more time to explore it! Hopefully we'll be back again in the future! 

Stay tuned for more updates from our trip....

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  1. We are staying at Pop in June, but we plan to walk over to AofA so Wes can see the Cars area... a suite wasn't in the budget this time. Next time that is totally where I want to stay!!


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