Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disney Blast from the Past: Epcot '07


In my last Disney post, you might remember me saying we wanted to go to Epcot on our next trip since we skipped it this time around. This got me thinking about the time we went to Disney and only went to Epcot. Lo and behold, with the help of my husband (finding photos in the wrong year folder on the computer!), I finally found our long lost photos from the trip! 

Our 2007 trip to Orlando was with Scott's office. I think at the time Allegiant Air had pretty cheap flights so it made for a great little getaway. It was very generous of his boss and a great reward for his hard working employees (and their wives!). 

Here you can see me crafting our touring plan for the day and probably bossing everyone around while I was at it. Isn't it nice to see that some things never change??? :o)

We stayed at the Orange Lake Resort which is a timeshare place right by Walt Disney World. It was fantastic and had a great pool area (above photo). It also had a Starbucks onsite! The temperatures were pretty cool for Florida (low 70s) but we forced ourselves to spend a morning swimming since we had left behind a bad ice storm in Iowa!

We had a lot of fun touring the different pavilions, Morocco being one of our favorites. We also squeezed in rides on Soarin', Test Track, and the Maelstrom. We also managed to partially participate in "Drinking around the world" with stops at the Rose and Crown, Mexico, and the Biergarten. We were there before Christmas and had no idea of all the festivities that went on (or that you had to have tickets way in advance for the Candlelight Processional). We did get to catch a glimpse of it from a distance and it was neat to see the decorations out for the holiday.

When we were looking at these pictures Michael was right by our side and he kept asking where he was. He would interject things like, "I don't remember doing that!" or "was I at gramie's house?". It was really confusing to him how he just couldn't believe he wasn't there with us. It was soooo cute and although it made me miss the days of being childfree it is also hard to imagine that to one little guy in our family, those days are so foreign it is like they don't even exist.

I hope enjoyed this blast from the Disney past!

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  1. i like the flashbacks, especially pairing them with your other Disney fun this year. it's great you are a planner (or a bosser!), because i would be one to show up without research : ). have a good week, Rose!


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