Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Spring Garden Preview

Yay for spring! This has been one great weekend. The weather is warm, the sun is out and we got to spend all of our Saturday outside in the yard. We are completely enamored with the budding life that is happening all around us. Michael even said, "Mom! There!...on your tree!" in reference to my little crab apple trees. He is also excited for the tulips to bloom and says, "Just green stuff yet". 

Speaking of blooms....I checked my archives and last year my crab apple was blooming on April FOURTH. Can you believe it?? Wow. 

We tackled two huge lawn cleanup projects this weekend. The first was tying, cutting and burning all my tall grasses. Scott was a huge help to me this year and used his weed whacker on them. It went really fast! It is still a mess out there, but we'll get it taken care of over the next week or so.

We also completely cleaned out our front bed by raking up the mulch, and tilling it up. The dirt was getting really compacted and hard to dig in the annuals (which make up most of the bed) and I think this was a good move. I did have to take out my perennials and then replant them but I'm hope they won't mind as they put up with a lot of abuse. We also tilled in some compost and fertilizer so I hope this helps feed the soil as well. I realize it looks only like a blurry photo of dirt at this point in time but just you wait--I'll be back with more photos! 

Trace's lilac is getting lots of buds on it and I'm excited for it to bloom. We still have some work to do in his little angel garden area because like everything- it is a work in progress. I'm waiting to see if the special hydrangea I bought comes back and if so, I want to add a few more around my yard. They are just absolutely my favorite. 

That's it for the spring tour! I hope you had a great weekend and got to enjoy the nice weather with your families also!

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