Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's growing...

School is officially out!

I have been having a great time spending time with Michael and trying to get my garden in tip top shape for summer. I've been doing lots of weeding, mulching and planting!

These little
coreopsis popped up and are so dainty and happy!

I also got my front pots done (and well watered as you can tell by the photo...ha!). I got this funky colored sweet potato vine from Menards so I will be waiting to see how it ends up at the end of summer in terms of coloring. I also did some wave petunias in purple so hopefully they do well and really fill the pot out. I hate how teeny tiny everything looks when you first plant it!

My gaillardia is also blooming. This is a new one for me, so I'm excited to see lots of blooms.

perennial bed in the retaining wall is doing well too and everything is getting big! I've moved a couple of things to keep it from looking too overgrown and more consistent. I like the purple in the background so I've moved some of the russian sage seedlings and the lavender. I've had lots of volunteers of everything in this bed which is exciting! :o)

If you look closely you can see one little
day lily making an appearance in the upper bed! I can't wait for the time when it seems like everyone's day lilies are just bursting out with lots of color! I have a feeling it is just around the corner.

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