Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things To Do!

I have been feeling very un-ambitious lately, so I thought I would post my to-do list here as a motivational reminder for me to get my butt in gear!! It's July!! School starts next month!!

Here are the biggies:

1. Finish landscaping/get some sort of control on weeds

2. Clear out nursery closet and move stuff to basement
-will require new rubbermaid tubs for basement storage

3. Organize storage area in basement to make room for new stuff going down there

4. Organize pantry/take things downstairs that will be stored in downstairs kitchen

5. Finish up baby sewing projects

-will require ordering more fabric/supplies to finish these projects

6. Organize office/relocate my computer back to my desk

7. Create photo albums of pictures of me and Scott pre-baby a la

8. Order nursery furniture

9. Paint nursery, hang curtains, do wall art...basically do the whole nursery which can't get done until we:

10. Finish the basement!!

Not so biggies:

1. Get some sun
2. Get hair highlighted sometime
3. Finish baby registry
4. Walk every day

I feel like everyone keeps asking me if I am getting ready for baby and I just feel like right now our house is in a huge transition with trying to get the basement done. It's not that we really need the space, but I just hate everything always being not done. Since it is a construction zone down there, our storage room is packed full of stuff to try and keep it someone clean which makes it hard to put other stuff in storage. So, our extra bedroom upstairs is like overflowing with stuff-some baby, some not and it is in no shape to actually house guests (which I think we will have some in a few weeks, so I need to get working on that!). Then our garage has like all of Scott's parents stuff from their house that they brought here! Gah!! I feel like I am over flowing with stuff and it stresses me out. I would really like to have the nursery done before my shower in August so people can see it. But, that is not too far away and I can't really forsee that getting done!! Ah!!

But, we will get there. :o) Maybe before the baby comes, maybe not. It can always sleep in our room!

Are you guys getting lots of stuff done this summer?

Here's to an ambitious rest of the summer!!

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