Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Things

Despite my crazy week (and a total tearfest on Wednesday), I have been having a great day! So...I decided I would share the good things with you!

1. My students are totally, totally awesome. Some are playing better than the students I hear at the middle school. This is the furthest progress we have made in a year ever! I also credit my student teacher for his help in this as we can get a lot more kids in for lessons during the day. It is very fun to see my students enjoying music, their instruments, and getting geared up for their future in 7th grade band.(Don't worry...the picture is clipart-no actual students pictured)

2. Ellis Hobbs. This former ISU player is coming back to get his degree next weekend. He is about to start his 3rd season in the NFL and is making about $2 million a year, but yet he promised his mom he would finish college and he has done it! What a great example for student-athletes everywhere! (and good press for ISU!)

3.Tulips! Mine have finally started blooming! Spring is here!

4. Thai food! My husband is taking me out for dinner tonight. Let's hope it is not too spicy so I don't get heartburn. I swear I got heartburn this morning after eating a tangelo! And p.s., since when do I eat exotic fruits?? Pregnancy is weird.


  1. Good for that ISU guy- good for him. A college degree is always good. = )

  2. wow...didn't know you taught music - love it...and you now :)


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