Sunday, May 15, 2016

April Flowers

At the end of April, the crabapple trees were in full bloom!

I have learned that while they are extremely beautiful, they are also very fleeting and we need to enjoy it while they last! 


I had seen a thing on facebook (or maybe even in the newspaper?) that the trees would be blooming over the weekend at Brenton arboretum in Dallas Center. So I loaded the kids up and we headed out for a fun morning of exploring! 


We enjoyed visiting Brenton arboretum and will be back this summer for sure! It wasn't too far from our house and was so beautiful. I unfortunately forgot my real camera at school over the weekend and all I had to take photos with was my iphone. :o( I am really disappointed in myself but hopefully some of the beauty still comes through! 



We also found this super fun playground at the arboretum that was only sticks and dirt. Amazing, right? It was super fun and the kids had so much fun exploring. We'll be back for sure (and be sure to wear old clothes!). 




The next day our trees at home really popped and they were beautiful!! I told Michael that we better go outside right after church to enjoy them because it seems like they are only at their peak for one day (usually until it rains which I think actually happened later that evening). I'm glad we took the time just to play under them, examine their blossoms and smell their flowers. 









We are definitely not winning points for most coordinated family photos - I mean, the girls are still in their pajamas for heavens sake- but I'll take it! 


These trees are so silly and I always remember how fickle I was when I said I wanted both colors when we picked them out at the tree farm. They have really become part of our family's story...always blooming in the spring (sometimes around Trace's birthday) and giving us hope that God doesn't give up on his promises. These trees are little and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I always look forward to their blooming and I'm glad their beauty can be part of the backdrop of our life. So happy little trees, thanks for blooming every spring, bringing a smile to my face, and giving me hope! 


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