Friday, February 19, 2016

Snow Day Snaps Pt 2

We had our third snow day of the school year during the second week of February. While it was not nice to miss school, it was nice to be able to have the gift of time at home with my children. I tried to remind myself that I had absolutely nothing on my schedule except soak it all up with my kids! The girls are so adorable right now and I just want to drink it all up. Here are a few photos from our day (in our jammies, of course). 

The girls got in on some work time with Michael. They loved taste testing the crayons and ripping their paper! We did get a few good scribbles in so I was proud of them. 

 I aboslutely love catching both girls in the frame at the same time. Before they arrived, I often wondered what it would be like to have two sweet little faces, four little eyes looking at me, and here we are. I can't believe it! I think they are looking more alike now as they are getting older...I'm curious where the future will lead us. It is so funny to me to look back at photos from a year ago- how time flies!

That's it for us! Thanks for stopping on by!

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