Saturday, October 17, 2015

September Photos

Now that we are halfway through the month of October, I figure it was time to share some photos from September! :o) I am not sure what all happened but the month of September just flew by in a flash (as evidenced by my lack of blogging!). With school, the girls, managing our new normal as a family, the girls birthday, party, and football it just flew by. Our after school routine has really changed as two pick ups adds a lot of time which has me arriving home later than usual. Usually by the time everyone is home and settled, we eat dinner and then it is time to start the bedtime rounds. The girls are still going to bed early which gives Michael some time for us to work on school or reading stuff together before bed which is nice. However, he has been SO tired from school that I know he needs to be in bed between 7:30-8:00 so it makes for a short family time at home. However, it is nice to be in a routine and it seems like it is working well. Usually after I put Michael to bed, I either fall asleep or scramble trying to work on school stuff.  I need to get better about trying to carve out a little time for myself to exercise, do projects or blog. I love keeping my little space open on the internet and I do enjoy how it forces me to slow down a bit and think about what my family has been up to-something that is easily lost in the hustle and bustle! 

We had our neighbor girl come over to (bravely) watch all three kids for an ISU game in September and I was talking to Michael about how he would have to be her helper and also play with the girls. He immediately said, "I know!" and ran downstairs to get his box of duplos out of storage because he thought the girls would like playing with them. He was right and I loved how he was thinking of them. I also loved how they provided some entertainment for Michael for a few days before returning to the basement- good toys never lose their appeal! 

Sitting fancy in cardinal and gold! With sparkles! 

The girls are so fun to watch play and explore. I wish there was some way I could bottle it up to reopen in the future! I love how they babble to each other and get in each other's space. They seem to be able to work their own squibbles out. Being a twin is so mysterious to me!


We've also enjoyed some beautiful fall days with playtime outside. Those days are so fleeting and are gone now as the daylight fades fast and the cool air has started to come in. Those perfect fall days are precious! 


My grandma brought some raspberries for the girls when she was here for their party and they LOVED them! They were nice and small and easy for the girls to pick up and eat. They were so cute with their red faces and fingers. 

Things have been busy but good and I won't trade it for the world! Thanks for stopping by! 

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