Monday, October 12, 2015

Girls 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated the girls' first birthday with a party on Sept. 19th at our house! I tried to keep it simple and small; with lunch, family, and cake. I thought it went really well and I was glad we had an excellent excuse to celebrate! 

Decorations included tulle high chair tray skirts and pink dot paper garland. I loved using all shades of pink! 

The menu was pulled pork sandwiches, chips, and salads (frog eye salad, california salad from my mom and I made chinese coleslaw). It was easy to put together and I think everyone enjoyed it! 

My sweet niece! 

Dessert was cupcakes! Enjoyed greatly by the birthday girls, of course! 

Cupcakes were wedding cake and birthday cake sprinkle from Scratch Cupcakery. They were such a hit for the girls' baptism that it might be a tradition from now on. I think it was a toss up for what flavor people liked best- mine was the sprinkles, of course!

Poor Anna was so tuckered out after a weekend of partying that this how we found her on Sunday after her lunch! I was busy gabbing and didn't even notice her getting so tired that she needed to lay her head down while eating. 

It was a wonderful weekend and we are so blessed that our family was able to be here to celebrate the girls. They were spoiled beyond belief with so many fun toys (thank yous are on their way!) and surprisingly I didn't feel as emotional as I thought I would during their party. I am so happy they are healthy, bright and sweet times it just doesn't even feel real! 

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  1. Precious!! Happy number 1 to the cutest twin girls! Thanks for sharing- Scratch is our fave too!! :)


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