Saturday, May 16, 2015

Insta Updates

I have lots of instas ready to share with you!

I try and post daily on my instagram account (@rosekundel) but I know it is still nice to see them all in one place so here they are! 

I took this photo after a friend posted one of her drinking coffee on a vacation to New Orleans on Bourbon street with musicians playing in the background and I just wanted to keep it real. I ended up really liking the photo! This time of year my coffee consumption is through the roof, thanks to the Boone Starbucks (aka McDonalds). I'm looking forward to a restful summer to wean myself off the caffeine. 

The memory of planting these tulips in the fall after Trace died is so vivid in my mind. Digging holes in the ground, planting the bulbs, the cool air, with the promise of hope for the spring. I love that they have kept coming up every year, beautiful as ever. 

Always the entertainer!

Anna sitting up so pretty! (this was about a month ago when it was still a novelty)

Trying to get some playtime in after school! Usually it involves Michael entertaining us and me trying to get in some snuggles. 

Love this age! Sitting up, playing together, chubby cheeks and smiles! 

I love my trees in the spring. I am so happy my requested for one white tree and one pink tree was seemed silly at the time but now it makes me so happy every spring. 

The girls are up at the crack of dawn, always. 5:30 a.m. little alarm clocks. I feel like I should get up at 5 a.m. just to get something in before they wake but that is just so early!! 

"Surprise!" It's like a party! 

When did my babies stop being tiny babies? They are still supposed to be little! 

"I want the superhero know the kind with the letter and the lightening bolt?". You got it, kid. 

High Trestle ride for the boys and a walk for the girls. This day we met up with friends and it was a great way to reconnect!

My mother's day flowers!

Pretty spring concert nails. One student told me they looked weird and then another student told me my coffee mug was weird. What? Kids are weird. 

Are we getting bigger or is our pillow getting smaller? 

Again, with the entertaining. 

"lets post like Mario". We let Michael play Mario with us maybe once a week for just a few minutes. However, he talks about it all the time and has fun making up stories about Mario and bowser while playing. So I promise you he is not playing hours of Mario all the time...just constantly talking about it! 

Michael has been loving watching short little Minecraft videos on lately. The guy will show kids how to make new sets and talk about them- they are pretty neat. However now Michael refers to his legos as "models" and "elements" and "mini-figures". It is cute. :o) We are going to the Lego experience in Kansas City soon and he really wants to find a book that will explain more about minecraft legos to him- I am up for that! 

Thanks for stopping by- have a great week! 


  1. even though i already see your Instas, they look even better here! i just love seeing Michael with the girls - a handsome entertainer! the tulips are beautiful ... the leaves are as pretty as the blooms. you are weaning from caffeine!? i have tried and now i'm going to a retreat that is stripping me of every vice i have, so i should wean soon : )

  2. Such great pics! I love the black and white!!


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