Sunday, May 31, 2015

Denise's Graduation!

I'm trying to wrap up May (on the last day!) and thought I would share my photos from my sister Denise's graduation from Iowa State. 

My grandparents stopped out at my house for a little bit before we all headed up to Ames for the morning. I was glad they got to see the girls a little bit extra! 

Denise had her party at a nice park right by her apartment in Ames. It was a nice and sunny morning! It was fun to socialize with family members and some of her friends before she went to her ceremony at 1 p.m. The party wasn't big or fancy but just perfect and I think a college graduation is something to celebrate! 

The girls, of course, were doted on by all. 

All three babies, with my niece Noelle! It was cute because they all looked similar in their pink jackets with ears especially since they are all about the same size. 

Denise had pulled pork sandwiches, salads, chips and dip and yummy cake. It was perfect and hopefully easy to put together- just a reminder that parties don't have to be too hard to put together...its about the people and the celebration. 

We are so proud of Denise and are excited to see where life takes her. I feel like the years right after college are very difficult where you are trying to make your way in a career and figure out how to navigate an adult world. It hardly seems like 10 years ago I was in the same position, graduating with not yet landing a job. I had traipsed around the entire state on endless interviews and finally my job was the one waiting for me right in my backyard. :o) I credit a lot to my first job and colleagues for getting me off on the right foot and I would not be where I am now professionally if it wasn't for that opportunity. So I just pray the same doors open and opportunities present themselves to Denise because you spend a lot of you life working and it might as well be something you enjoy doing! 

Happy last day of May! Hopefully I will get into a better groove with my blog now that I am home every day for SUMMER!!!!

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