Saturday, August 27, 2016


I just looked at the calendar and I can't believe the end of August is quickly upon us. The second half of this month has gone fast as we've been in the midst of transitions at our house with the girls starting full time childcare at a new place and me going back to school. Michael will go back on Monday so that is another round of figuring out how all the pieces in our family need to fall so we all get to where we need to be in the mornings and after school. Its busy but good and I will save that for another post!

I thought I'd share a few photos from the second half of our August! 

I bought the girls these cute shirts from Target and I think they are just perfect. I can see so much growth in the girls just from the beginning of summer and even more now that they are in daycare full time. They have ditched their binkies except at night time and are talking lots, following directions well, behaving well, and sitting on the potty. They are turning into big girls but I still think they should never grow up!


Anna was being the cheeser on this morning! 



We have spent most afternoons this summer on our back patio and on the swingset. However, because I know my children and mostly just want to enjoy the moments, I have hardly had my phone or camera out with me to capture it. There is something that is so nice about just playing the day away without anything on our schedule that I just love. 


Anna could swing all day in her little swing and Brynn finally warmed up to swinging bit by bit over the summer. Brynn is content to ride on the glider swing and I am thankful- the less fights, the better! Both girls also love to go up the stairs and occasionally down the slide (its a little wild!). 


We took the boat out on a nice evening a few weeks ago and had the lake to ourselves. It was such a perfect evening and everyone had a great time. Nights like these are ones that have a place in my heart! 


We also did some wake surfing and a bit of wakeboarding but I think drinking beer and floating in the water were everyone's favorites!


When we went to Adventureland with my parents earlier in the summer, my mom had bought Scott a ticket that was unable to use that day. I finally put it on the calendar and told Scott he was talking Michael to Adventureland no matter what because I knew the two boys would have a blast. And they sure did! I think they spent all day in the wave pool and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm glad they had a special day together. 


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  1. the girlies are soooooo cute, and I love the underwater pics of Michael! It looks like you had a wonderful summer-- I hope you all have a wonderful school year as well!!! -LH


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