Sunday, January 24, 2016


Almost every weekend day, I say I am going to get up early (the same time as a weekday) and get some work done while everyone is still sleeping. So far, it is has not happened- until today! Even though I usually only "sleep in" an extra hour or two on weekend (usually until 7), by golly it is precious and hard to wake up earlier than I have to. It is so busy on weekends with the girls that I hardly ever have a chance to sit down at my actual computer and do some things like photos editing, blogging, or other projects. 

After the busy time of the holidays, we have been enjoying some very laid back weekends at home. It has been nice just to be home with nothing on our agenda besides getting ready for the next week, watching basketball, and hanging with our kids. And laundry. Always the laundry, of course. 

I took these photos last weekend and then later that afternoon both girls started to get very cranky and run fevers. We kept them home for two days and took them to the doctor where we found out it was viral. They are still feeling cranky (now I think it is just molars) but no fevers and so it has been a long week of crabby, tired babies!! 

Anna above, Brynn below

The girls do a million cute things every day but most of the time it is so fleeing, I would barely capture it even if I had a camera in my hand. So I just try and take mental snapshots and go from there. Sometimes I can get a quick, "Scott! look at the girls!!" before they stop doing what they are doing, but even then sometimes Scott is too slow. I think it is the cutest when they sit next to each other and play or give each other toys. When one girl was crying when they were sick, the other one would just stand by solemnly watching, trying to hand her sister toys or sippy cups to make her feel better. Twice recently one has been up before the other from nap and they just wander around a bit lost before the other one wakes up! It is cute how they definitely think they belong right by each other. 

Sometimes I trick Michael into taking a picture by telling him I'm really taking it of his toys...haha! Tricked him! :o) 

Teeth report: Brynn above and Anna below. They are also working on both upper and lower molars (a few poking through, other gums very swollen-funny I don't remember that with Michael!). 

Peek a boo, I see you! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. i just love the ordinary day photos!! i can imagine that moment-to-moment there is something new. many mental snapshots : ). i laughed at you taking a picture of toys! i don't know why (my) kids freak out with photos, because they end up loving to look back at them. we have major cabin fever ... can't wait for warmer days.


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