Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dad's 60th

Last week my dad turned 60 years old. 60? 60! Wow! 

I haven't shared this on my blog yet but he actually has been having a rough go of things lately when he fell and hit his head about two months ago resulting in a skull fracture. His recovery has been a bit rough but he seems to be doing better now. We are happy he is back to his good health and is staying safe. So it felt like a little celebration was due for his big birthday! My parents were coming to visit for the day and so I invited my brother and his family over for a meal and spending some time together as a family. 

My parents with all the grandchildren. They are pretty lucky to have the world's cutest kids as their grandchildren! 

I was glad my brother and his family came out for a visit. My niece Noelle is growing so fast and she is the sweetest baby. She is a few months younger than the girls but just about their size! She is at such a sweet age where she will play AND stay in one spot! :o) I remember those days fondly (at least I think I remember them? My poor memory!). 

Michael did a good job singing the birthday song to dad! I love his sweet singing voice- hopefully he keeps using it the rest of his life. 

I whipped up this garland in a few hours the day before the party and it turned out really cute. I was limited to the colors of construction paper we had in the house but I kind of like the festive vibe it gives. 

Dinner was also kept simple with a big pork loin on the grill, salads and some snacks. 

...and poor Brynn was all partied out! 

We were happy we were able to celebrate Dad's 60th birthday...even though it was low key, I still think it deserved a celebration. We love you, Dad! Thank you for always being a good example of how to be kind and honest. Thank you for all your support growing up and in adulthood. You are an awesome grandpa and hopefully you will be blessed with many, many more grandchildren in your future! 

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