Wednesday, June 17, 2015

9 months!

Anna and Brynn are nine months old!

They are busy, happy, sweet and loving little babies. There is never a dull moment at our house! 

(Brynn with the pony, Anna) 

We had their nine month appointment yesterday and both girls are growing! Brynn especially is growing as she jumped up on the percentages chart although she has still remained small than Anna. As you can see from the above photo-they have come a long ways from their 5 lb 8 oz and 6 lb 6 oz birth weights. Both girls had glowing reports from the doctor and we have no concerns with them at all. Other than a little ear infection from Brynn last week, the girls have been healthy and happy. It is always so fun to go in and see the doctor fuss over how cute and healthy they are- such a blessing. 

The girls are busy, busy, busy! They have both started crawling on their knees and are very fast. They are good at popping themselves from sitting to crawling and then back to sitting. They pull up on everything and anything- toys, furniture, your legs. They also got very tired of falling when standing and have gotten good at getting themselves back down from standing by putting one little hand down on the ground first and then plopping their bottom down. They are strong girls and I think they are going to be early walkers like Michael! They are busy and have things to do! 

Anna and Brynn love all sorts of toys, especially books and blocks they can knock over. I also brought out a little baby doll and was entertained by how much the girls loved it- stroking its little face and trying to hold it next to their faces. Michael was never ever even for a minute into baby dolls and I forgot that is something that girls might like. They have also started babbling and screaming and will chant, "mamamaa" while playing. They are always ready with a big smile for you! 

They play mostly in their gated in room but sometimes can have the run of the house if I am close by. They love exploring and seeing what trouble they can get into! 

It's also been fun to see them interact with each other. Usually they don't like to be by themselves when they are playing and will cry if you take sister away and leave one alone. They will also bug each other and try to bite each others heads or pull hair- definitely letting the other one know when they are not happy! 

Sleeping is going very well and we have fallen into a good summer routine. We aim for a morning and afternoon nap every day although sometimes if we are on the go the naps happen in the car. They go to bed by seven each night and sleep until 6:30 or so the next morning. They are sound sleepers and enjoy being in their cribs. We had to put the mattresses lower because we caught them standing up in their beds after nap time! 

The girls eat one meal a day of table foods. Our goal this summer is to move them to eating every meal with us but gosh darn is just so much work to do meal time! They get so messy and the clean up takes longer than the meal time. They enjoying eating all sorts of fruits and veggies with favorites being peas and mandarin oranges. 

Brynn can sometimes be a little more feisty and she definitely has more energy- loves to scream and watch whatever Michael is doing. Anna is still our sweetheart- she is more snuggly and always goes right to sleep when you put her down. They are both meeting milestones at the same rate and sometimes will alternate mastering different skills. 

They have been out and about a lot this summer and I get comments daily about them. It seems so normal to me that I forget seeing cute twins is something special to most people. Usually old people will tell me I'm brave or to bless my heart. Parents with children will tell them to look at the two cute babies. Other moms will tell me their twins are (whatever age) now and to enjoy it. Lots of times people will tell me they were a twin their sister was their best friend. It is always so funny to me! I did see a mom with three month old twins at the zoo and I was happy to beam at her little babies and tell her she was doing a great job! 

We are excited to see what the next month brings! 

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