Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome, February!

Happy February! 

I try not to ever wish months or time away, but I am thankful January is over. It was a real wing dinger of a month for me and I feel like I am finally recovering from all the stress of it. I don't really like to think that my job is stressful but when I am having several stress dreams in a might actually be stressful. We've had a crazy week of testing at school this week and I am crossing my fingers that we can get back to normalcy and get a good six weeks of work in before spring break. After that, it is all down hill until school's out! :o) 

Things I am looking forward to in February:
1. Only one concert at school the whole month
2. My brother's wedding and the festivities that accompany it
3. Having a hair appointment and getting to spend a Saturday morning for some me time
4. The short number of days! 

I love being home on the weekends with Michael and watching his imagination run wild. He still very much likes to play with anything that is not a toy and I need to remember this around big events like Christmas and birthdays! Often he has a pile of his treasures that are random bits and pieces he has accumulated from around the house that he uses to tell his imagination stories. 

Scott and Michael have gotten out on the pond a few times this winter. The ice is very thick but it has been reported there is some sort of problem with our outtake thingie (I really have no idea) and it is advised people stay off of it. I really hope this is a problem that can and will be fixed in the future as we think the pond is a great part of our neighborhood for everyone, not just the people who live on it. Every weekend there have been several ice fisherman out and we certainly enjoy skating on it. 

It is another snowy day here but we are enjoying the relaxing pace of the weekend.

Happy February! 

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