Sunday, January 19, 2014


I am late this week with posting instafriday but I like to do it so I figured late is better then never! I have been taking zero photos on my regular camera lately so this is all I have! It is always hard for me to transition back into school after break and it doesn't help that January is a very busy time for me. I have a big stretch here that will be over on Tuesday and then I am looking forward to life resuming a more reasonable pace. 

I got some new shoes to test drive before our Disney trip later this spring. They are really comfortable and I just think my other shoes were just plain worn out. I am on my feet a lot at school (as most teachers are, I should not be complaining) and have aching feet when I don't wear the right shoes. I think eventually I am going to have to be one of those teachers that wears tennis shoes every day! 

Me and my cat. He is thrilled, obviously. 

This boy- my goodness. He is such a goofy kid! 

Michael got two new dinosaur playmobil sets for his birthday and Christmas from his aunts and he plays with them almost every night. He really wants the big one with the T-Rex so we'll see if there is a good occasion for that in the future. I am happy he is expanding his horizons from cars and other play things with wheels. 

And finally, a little snuggle time with one of my main squeezes. I had a bad headache after being at a jazz festival all day yesterday that was a real growing event for me. I have a lot to learn and thank goodness there is no time like the present to start. :o) 

Have a great rest of your weekend! 

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