Friday, February 24, 2017

February Update

I thought I'd better update you all before the month of February is over with! It never seems like those few extra days missing at the end of the month would make such a difference but by golly, it sure does. I am actually home today on a Friday with a much needed personal day. It has been a long three months with three concerts in November and December, a chronic throat issue much of December, starting a thyroid medication that made me feel wonky and anxious all the time (and right around Christmas too boot), then contest season, another concert with ALL my groups, and battling a sinus infection the past two weeks. I figured this was a good day to be gone and I might as well use the day for mental health or things will start to crumble! 

Despite all that, we've been having a good month here! All the kids had great Valentine's day parties at their schools and enjoyed exploring their treasures. Michael's was a ton of work as it seemed like days of making his box and prepping his Valentines. It ended up being a fun thing we did together and it was fun working toward our goal and seeing it all come together. 


Girls making "stinker eyes". 

Brynn was so happy she was using that little pair of scissors. I don't hardly ever let them have it but that day she got a hold of it and just had the most fun time (I think she thought she was being naughty). They sure love playdoh! 

Checking out their special snowman cookies- a hit! 

We had a string of the most beautiful weather this past week- 60s and 70s for four or five days in a row. It felt so awesome to soak it all up knowing that winter would return shortly (and it did- today!). I will gladly wear my sunglasses at 7:30 a.m. any day! It did wonders for the spirit and it was fun seeing everyone in such a good mood. Soon it will really be spring for real and I can't wait! 

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