Monday, September 14, 2015


Hello, friends!

I thought I'd do a little insta update today...we have been busy! The transition back to school for me, kindergarden for Michael, daycare for the girls has been going well and I will be back with an update on all those life things soon. I'm just playing a bit of catch up today! :o) 

The Cyclone lost our annual Cy-Hawk match up this past weekend but it was fun to get everyone dressed up in their gear anyway. The girls have no shortage of cute ISU gear to wear and it has been fun letting them wear it this fall. I actually got to attend the game with Scott for the first time after missing last season and it was just the most enjoyable day. We sat in the upper deck and it was really nice! Great crowd and beautiful day! 

Michael and I snuck off this summer to make the girls a special birthday present- stuffed bunnies at build a bear! Michael was so excited to finally give them to the girls and they love them! Every time we give them a stuffed animal they go right in for a big face snuggle and smooch. 

The morning sleep sack shuffle. We outgrew most of our jammies recently and have been wearing our sleep sacks again- hands down the most used baby item so far (maybe besides bunnines and binkies). It is cute to watch the girls walk around in them. 

We soaked up the last bit of summer last weekend with a trip up north to Ledges State Park. It was beautiful! Michael and Scott had a fun time walking in the streams while I pushed the babies and waved at intersections. Next summer I want to go up with Michael and spend a whole day exploring and hiking. 

Michael came with me to the first ISU game of the season and we ended up parking on campus and walking over to our friends. It was a great day to get our steps in and also a good way to see some of the campus. Michael had lots of questions about college and it was cute to hear him try and figure out how it all worked. How old do you have to be to go to college? how old was Aunt Denise? ("oh, I thought she was 10") how old will the babies be when I go to college? I will only come home at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Summer when I am in college. Will you come and visit me after I am done with my day at college? ...all questions we talked about on our walk. I hope some day I can come visit Michael at ISU! 

Sometimes clothing is optional when being a wiggly worm while getting dressed!

Crazy Brynn hair!

The girls have done so well with their transition to daycare. They just think they are the biggest stuff now and never crawl, only walk. They are babbling up a storm and just think they are so big! 

We wrapped up summer break with a trip to Rieman Gardens with friends- lots of fun for little boys to run around! 

We also snuck in lots of park time- bonus for parks with TWO baby swings!

We even braved another trip to Target...I think the girls went out to the store with us a grand total of four times this summer! It never got easier...and usually Michael was the one who was the naughtiest. 

And we finally got in a nice morning at Big Creek park. I had conflicted feelings about this was really tricky to get out of the house as much as we are used to and do fun adventures with the babies in tow. I tried to take it with stride knowing that our family operates differently now. I would love to make a bucket list next summer of fun things for Michael and I to do on our own and also things we can do with the girls. I do think summer is a special time and I like to make some things a tradition...there are only so many summers you get as a kid so you might as well make them count! :o) I can't wait for it to come around again but in the mean time we'll plan on enjoying the fall! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Rose! I cannot take the girls' cuteness! Love all their ISU gear - where have you gotten the most of it? We should do a J.Park playdate sometime!

  2. I can't believe how fast time goes -- and the littles grow. You have a beautiful family!!! :D Oh, and I love that sea foam color on you, Rose!


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